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About: Mark Mullens/DoubleM

Mark and his best friend, bassist Chris Coumbes performing with Crosseyed.

His Story

Mark started out by practicing in his bed room back during the high school days. He spent many long nights writing, playing to learn all he could about music. His first group (Midnight Angel) was cemented together through a love of music and a passion for creating. This is where it all started and the journey began. Combining energetic performance with raw talent, Mark Mullens/DouBleM is now paving the way as an influential Musician in the old school and the modern generation of Christian and Instrumental Rock music. Since embarking on his career early on as a teenager, Mark continues to captivate fans with his signature sound, fierce passion, and unique performances. Mark had established himself by performing on stages in many venues over the world. He has Performed in many various locations of Germany and the United States. While serving in the US Army he worked with the local USO and performed in the European version of Star Search with the band (Time Machine) making it to the finals and winning the 3rd place position. He also worked with CMC International while living in North Carolina and held one of the regional top positions as the front man for the band (Showdown).

After putting the road and long nights scene behind him in 2000 Mark followed his heart and switched over to Christian music. Working with Crosseyed Music Ministries and playing with different praise & worship teams in North Carolina, West Virginia and Virginia. All the while also in pursuit of his solo mission.

Using his unique writing and talent to combine creative synth sounds with guitar blends brings a tasteful balance to the table. You can hear his original roots as a drummer come alive in his creative rhythm patterns that lay the foundation for his music. Always keeping his love of God first as his motivation to write music. Offering something different from the main stream, you will be hooked from the first note.


What Inspires him

Despite sharing many of the same interests and pastimes as other musicians,  Mark finds that he is inspired by different things that leads him to work seamlessly in a creative setting. He enjoys writing lyrics at a spur of the moment.   


His Influences

His music blends rock, acoustic melodies, and electronic to create a unique sound.   His lyrics are personal and inspired by my love of Christ. He writes about Gods love for us, and the struggles of life.